About Junior Oaks

Junior Oaks is our ministry to elementary age children. The mission of Junior Oaks is no different than the mission of our church: Junior Oaks exists to bring restoration through the gospel to Cincinnati and the world. In order to accomplish this mission, our church comes alongside parents by equipping moms and dads to raise their kindergarten through fifth graders in the gospel by providing safe and joyful discipleship during the Sunday gathering. The Scriptures teach that parents are to be the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children, so our hope at The Oaks is to partner with parents to this end. We also know that children come from all kinds of homes and the church has the responsibility to be a spiritual family for every child. 

Sunday Morning

We have two different discipleship opportunities for our Junior Oaks on Sunday mornings.

Equip Hour

During the Equip Hour, our Junior Oaks participate in a high energy study through the New City Catechism with games, music, and interactive elements. 

The Gathering

During the Gathering, our Junior Oaks will worship with us for the first three songs. Before the sermon starts, there will be an announcement for Junior Oaks to meet their volunteers in the back of the auditorium. They will go to the Junior Oaks room for an interactive lesson through The Gospel Project. They will rejoin their family after their lesson for communion and the last two worship songs.  

About Junior Oaks

New City Catechism

During the Equip Hour, we teach the New City Catechism. This curriculum lays a foundation of truth for big questions about God. Your child will have the opportunity to memorize passages of Scripture, sing a song that reinforces the lesson, and interact with adults and peers to apply the biblical principle.

The Gospel Project

During the Gathering, we teach the Gospel Project. This curriculum teaches the entire story of Scripture over 3 years. It reveals the good news of God's rescue in each part of the Bible. The Gospel Project also has an accompanying guide for parents that we send home each week so that you can discuss the lesson throughout the week at home. 

Age-Specific Learning

We recognize that the years of 5-11 are integral in the life of a child's spiritual development. Each week, our Junior Oaks are taught a lesson that is accessible for their age group. Then, they divide up into grade-specific stations where a volunteer leader helps them apply the Bible to their life stage and answer any questions. 

Family Integrated Worship

While we have a specific teaching time for our children, we value moments that a child can worship alongside their parents and church family. That is why our Junior Oaks begin in the auditorium to worship with everyone. We also want a child to see the ordinance of the Lord's Supper and participate in our Sunday gathering. The balance of time in the auditorium and an age-specific time learning alongside their peers is a way to teach through modeling and instruction. 

Meet the team.

Our Junior Oaks team is excited to meet your kids and serve your family! Each Junior Oaks volunteer is background checked and trained to help your child grow in their knowledge of God. 

Kyle and Susan Mack

Brad and Joy Jackson

Junior Oaks Leader
Junior Oaks Leader