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What We Value Shapes Who We Are

Gospel story

We are a part of God's story.

We are all a part of an intricate story that has God as its glorious author. The pages of Scripture tell the story of a beautiful creation, a tragic separation between God and man, the rescue of His people through Jesus, and the mission that the church is now sent to accomplish until Jesus returns. Because this story permeates every aspect of our life, we want this gospel (good news) story to permeate our sermons, music, gatherings, missional communities, conversations, and everything in between.


We live sent.

God has sent us on a mission to bring restoration through the Gospel. We get to be a public display of the kind of healing and rescue that only Jesus can bring. Because of what God has done for us, we seek to bless our neighbors and be a blessing to our communities. We seek to love others through word and deed. God has called us to be a light to our neighbors and the nations by loving everyone and making disciples.


We give because we received so much.

At The Oaks, we want to be faithful with our time, treasure and talents. As people who have received everything that we have as a gift from God, we want to be generous to leverage what we have for God’s glory. When we give, we don’t just give to The Oaks. We give through The Oaks. Gospel-motivated generosity begins when we give up what we love to gain what we love even more. We are open-handed with our time, skills, finances, and resources because in the hands of God they are an eternal investment.


We are sons and daughters.

Who are you? It is easy to point to our occupation, geographical location, social status, or roles as the label for our identity. These are poor substitutes for the Identity that God intended for you to have. God wants each of us to be restored to our true identity as Sons and Daughters through the work of Christ. We are not slaves to a religious system. We are not orphans left alone in the world. We are Sons and Daughters, children of God, no matter the career, social status, or label that the world gives us.


We are family.

When God made us each a new person, He also made us a new people. Our church is a family where we honor one another, assume the best, and sacrifice for one another’s needs. God has designed us to live in community with one another. We share our struggles and encourage one another. We mourn our tragedies and rejoice in our blessings together.


The gospel is good news for all people.

We are committed to pursuing uncommon unity. The cross of Christ not only crushes the power of sin, it creates bridges. When Jesus returns, there will be people of every ethnicity, age, and economic status gathered around His throne. The Oaks is a church for all people. We seek to make people a priority, not preferences. We believe that the gospel is best displayed in a multi-ethnic church. We believe that the family of five, the single parent, and the college student all need Jesus. The gospel is good news for each person without exception. God has made us each unique in His plan, but united in His purpose.

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