Give to what God is doing

At The Oaks we believe that generosity is a response to the generosity we have received from God through Jesus Christ. We believe that generosity is not just something that you do from time to time when it is convenient for you, but that generosity is a lifestyle that is surrendered to God for his leading as it relates to time, talents, and treasures (money and possessions). Giving at The Oaks is not done to get something from God, but giving is done because we understand that everything we have comes from God and our trust is in him and nothing more. Giving is one of the ways we practice generosity, partner in support of the local church, and display our trust in God. When you display generosity at The Oaks you are partnering with a local community to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve the surrounding area. We practice generosity as a Church by ensuring at least 10% of all of our giving at The Oaks goes right back out to serve people so people can see God. Your giving at The Oaks also helps us plant more local Gospel centered Churches. Your generosity is an investment into eternity.


Be a part of bringing restoration to Cincinnati!

All donations are tax-deductible and will include a year-end record for your filing. 

Resource: Learn how to develop a healthy budget with this free guide.