Your First Visit

Walking into a new place could be like the awkward first date experience.

We get it. So, here’s a little of what you could expect

when coming to The Oaks Church. 

Visit on Sunday Morning

Cafe: We have a local coffee shop (Red Tree) that caters our coffee, and every week

we have snacks for you to enjoy! 

Worship & Preaching: Engage in authentic worship in a relaxed family setting and dig in to Scripture. The messages are usually around 35 minutes. 

Family: Kids 0-6 can head to Little Oaks where they are securely checked in and ready to learn and have fun. Kids 7+ stay with us! If you've got kids under 6 and want them to stay with you, we invite you to do that too!

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

If you have any other questions, just reach out to

Address: 5051 Anderson Place

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Time: 10am

Visit a Missional Community

Life is hard. Life on your own is way harder. God designed us to live our lives alongside other people. It is no secret that God created the church to be a family. From the very beginning of the church in the book of Acts, people are “devoted to the apostles teaching, breaking bread in one another’s homes, fellowship, and prayer.” Acts 2:42 Missional Communities are a great opportunity to share a meal, discuss God’s Word, pray with one another, and grow people from friends to family. The church isn’t just “like” a family. It is a family. And we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

What is an MC? We admit that “Missional Community” is an interesting way to say it, but it is the only way to describe what these groups are all about. Missional Communities are groups of 8-15 people that exist to create and grow Christ-centered relationships and live on mission together.

We currently have 5 Missional Communities in Madisonville, Norwood, Avondale, Anderson and Clifton.

Ready to get connected? We’ve been waiting on you! Just email

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